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New members are always welcome, if you have any questions please get in touch and one of our members will help you out.

Phone: 027 281 7541


SUBS - New membership costs just $30, and then $30 per year after the first year. Subs are now due by the 31st of March and to be paid by the end of May, prior to the AGM in June.

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Current Members & Cars
Kylie Crawford - 1967 XR Falcon
Dwayne Woods & Rachael Butler - XA Falcon
Richard & Frieda Moss - 1967 Bailey Green XR
Simon, Jennie Hales - 69 XW Wagon
Kurt & Kelly Graham
Shannon Crawford
Nicola Moss - 1964 Fairlane
Joe Crosswell
Greg & Anita Millane’s - 63 Fairlane Compact
Mark Hopwood - 97 Fairmont Ghia
Greevas Smoo - BA pursuit 290kw
Rhys Jones - 351 Clevo 5 speed
Jamie Bennett - 2007 Ford Falcon XR8
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